About Me

As a Product Designer I thrive when creating experiences that help people get work done and make data-driven decisions.

With grounding in the social sciences and firsthand engineering experience, I bring multi-faceted approach to the design and development of products and experiences.

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My Story

When I first heard the term "user experience" a lightbulb went off in my head.

I'd spent months in hospital operating rooms collecting data a with a beta version of a mobile application. In my spare time, I'd ask the doctors and nurses (the target user group) what they thought of the application's features, document areas where they were having trouble, and come up with ideas to improve the application.

Reading online, I learned that there were names for what I'd been doing: user research, usability testing, and user experience design.

I'd gotten my start in UX without even realizing it.

Designing Since 2013

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to work with startups, small businesses, and large companies designing experiences, launching products, and refining existing products.

It's an incredible honor and privilege to create experiences for other people.

I love being a designer because every problem I solve makes someone else's day that much better.

People Pleaser

What others are saying about me

Spencer is one of the most talented designers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His inventory redesign became a critical feature in re-thinking the struggles customers were having. Spencer researched, designed, coded a prototype, and demoed the feature to customers independently.

Eugene Zaretskiy
Engineering Lead @ Data Theorem

Spencer's passion for creating a seamless and intuitive user experience made a significant impact on the UI and UX of the software we worked on together at Gauss Surgical. The design recommendations that he developed resulted in a more intuitive user interface and increased usability of our product.

Alice Hyun
Software Developer @ DoorDash

Spencer was a valuable member of our team; being a self-starter, he was always trying to understand the customer pain and use his knowledge to find opportunities that will improve the way the customer uses the product. It was an honor to work alongside him.

Pierre Ortega

My Expertise

With grounding in the social sciences and firsthand engineering experience, I bring a multi-faceted approach to product design and development.

Product Design

I've led the design of multiple award winning products since 2013.

I've designed for Consumer and B2B, mobile apps, web apps, VR and more.

UX Design

I make complex workflows simple and easy to understand.

I specialize in data rich applications and professional software.

User Research

I discover opportunities and test hypotheses with a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Feedback fuels my design process.

Design Systems

I design systematically to create a consistent and aesthetic experience.

I build smart products, faster with decisions and patterns that scale

Web Development

I build complex applications with React and vanilla JS/HTML/CSS

I create e-commerce websites with Wordpress and Webflow